Eligibility & Guidelines

Eligibility & Guidelines

1. Both individuals and teams may submit proposals.

2. Each proposal may include only one idea. Each team can submit one application.

3. Each individual is allowed to join ONE team as Person-in-Charge but can join more than one team as a member. The Person-in-Charge of the team MUST be a HKU member.

4. For the purposes of this programme, a HKU member is defined as:

a) HKU current fulltime or parttime student,OR
b) HKU graduate.

5. The Person-in-Charge MUST be a HKU member aged 35 or below by December 9, 2016.The Person-in-charge should possess a key role and have substantial control of the submission.  No change of person-in-charge is allowed, otherwise the fund may be withheld from the winning team.

6. The company in the submission (if any) shall NOT have been registered more than 2 years by December 9, 2016 i.e. NOT registered before December 9, 2014.

7. For the $100K award,HK$50,000 shall be distributed to each of the winning teams after the announcement of the final result, and the remaining HK$50,000 will be distributed to each winning team when the interim report is approved by the organiser.

8. The use of seed fund is flexible, as long as the expenses are considered necessary in running your business. For salary expense, the seed fund can be used to pay salary for staff providing the staff concerned is NOT the Person-in-Charge or team member listed in the submitted application form

9. We encourage submissions in all areas, including but not limited to business, social innovations, cultural, and media entrepreneurship

10. If the submission is with the use of HKU’s intellectual property rights and copyrights of other individuals and/or organisations, you should first approach the inventors concerned. Once your project receive an award, a licensing agreement shall be entered into with HKU before using the HKU intellectual property

11. For RPg students, please check with supervisors for any necessary approval before submitting applications.

12. The ideas in the submissions are without any constituted or potential act of infringement of the intellectual property rights and copyrights of other individuals and/or organisations. The organiser accepts no legal responsibility whatsoever in respect of any intellectual property rights and copyright issues.

13. Any funding already received for the idea must be disclosed at the time of application.

14. All matters and disputes will be subject to the final decision of the organiser. The organiser reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of the programme details and guidelines. Such changes will be posted on the event website without prior notice.

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