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Energetic and unconventional entrepreneurs in cultural and lifestyle arenas, mostly in their 20s or 30s, passionately shared their aspirations and were not shy about the challenges and frustrations. Their goal is to create the city, and create social and spiritual values rather than financial.

陳智遠 Paul Chan
Co-founder, Walk in Hong Kong

陳展程 Ray Chan
Co-founder, 9GAG

項明生 James Hong
In-depth Traveler and Writer

羅靖邦 Victor Lo
Co-founder, Mixing Bowl

黃靖 Jing Wong

黃家正 Ka-jeng Wong
Artistic Director, Music Lab

江紹祺 Dr. Travis Kong
Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences, HKU

“They are young and not so 'successful', still at the age of struggling to achieve their goals. So they shared the difficulties they encountered, which are very useful lessons for us. They are inspiring.” – Forum participant



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