Snaparty – Believe in your Selfie

Snaparty – Believe in your Selfie



Vien Wong 王慧盈 (BA 2012)

It all began with a “Chinese tourist” taking a selfie with French President François Hollande in Southern France.

While Vien Wong was enjoying her one-year French course and life in Bordeaux, after graduating from HKU with a Major in Translation in 2012, she bumped into President Hollande who was attending a ceremony in Nice. With an Asian’s unique “instinct”, Wong and her friend immediately grabbed the chance to take a selfie with the President. This selfie was then surprisingly seen on the international news and more importantly, an inspiration for Wong to set up Snaparty in Mongkok – a 900 sq. ft space for selfie-taking and party-goers.

“We are the first in Hong Kong to start such a business,” said Wong with pride. “But it doesn’t mean it’s an easy ride.” Effective marketing, business diversification and cost-cutting measures are all that she has to learn and implement from scratch to make her business a success.

“A business startup is challenging when one is not abreast of the market pulse. Our shop is located upstairs and it’s hard to pull
people in.”

Nevertheless, as a devoted St. Johnian back at HKU, Wong found herself ready to cope with “enterprising” challenges. “The tradition of St. John’s College of ‘Strive for the Best’ has prepared me with the right attitude to keep fighting in this ever-changing market.”

Selfie_client photo

From the start, 90% of Snaparty customers were coming in for selfie snaps while the rest were attending the party venue. Now,
the respective proportions have reversed to 30% and 70%. Wong is fully aware that she has to be the trend-setter to stay afloat.

“We also diversify and offer space for e-shops selling skincare products. This helps to occupy the shop space whilst we continue
to encourage customers to our business.”

Overseas investors are also exploring the possibility of becoming franchisees. The once the Chief Happiness Storyteller of Laughfull, a local youth group aiming to bring joy to people through various activities, Wong shared her ultimate mission
of setting up Snaparty: “It’s more than a business. I hope my customers leave my studio with big smiles on their faces.”

She once shared her experiences at a local TEDx conference in 2012 and said, “If you have the passion and you want to make an impact, or like us spread happiness, then just do it!”

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