If I were 28…

If I were 28…

Whether you are 28 or 68, one has to keep learning. You have to keep a certain degree of curiosity and keep asking questions. Ask yourself two questions before starting your own business. Do you really have the passion to do it? Then ask yourself whether you have the personality. You have to not be afraid of losing. The success rate of starting a business is less than 1%. Prepare to lose. You lose fast. You lose big. And you lose forward. The important thing is, after a few failures, you should not repeat the same mistake. Then you learn how to be successful.

Antony Leung 梁錦松, Nan Fung Group

This is the best time and there is no other better time to start. But if you do want to start your business and become an entrepreneur, be prepared for the following. First, the China market, which you have to enter. It is not a matter of ‘IF‘; it is a matter of ’HOW‘. Second, think global. There is no Hong Kong startup. You are starting in Hong Kong, but you are doing one market, the global market.

Jason Chiu 趙子翹, The Cherrypicks

When you have the spirit of entrepreneurship, I believe it is there wherever you are in your life stage, whatever position you are in. Whether it is a big company or a startup company, you can always apply that spirit of entrepreneurship to whatever you do. I think that is the beauty of it because it gets you excited. It is a lot of fun.

Leong Cheung 張亮, The Hong Kong Jockey Club


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