“It is all right to fail – with an obsession to succeed”

“It is all right to fail – with an obsession to succeed”

DREAMCATCHERS, with its inaugural event on Sunday, May 31, 2015, is a series of initiatives at The University of Hong Kong. It began with “If I were 28…” and ended with “What Next?”. We will form a hub to inspire and nurture innovation and entrepreneurship; there will be forums, mixers, events, courses, training, marketplaces, co-workspaces, funding for programmes and an innovation commons.

DREAMCATCHERS is cross-sector and inter- generational, for alumni, students, friends old and new, everyone with passion and determination to innovate and change the world.

The University in particular provides an environment that supports a willingness to fail, and an obsession to succeed. It is all right to fail as long as welearn the lesson. It is all right to take risks and do something that is unconventional.

The speakers and participants, patrons and partners all came together to make the day happen. There was so much energy and enthusiasm, humour and hope, sincerity and warmth. People were squeezing into the lecture halls, sitting on the floor, and eagerly exchanging views over a coffee. There was appreciation and support, heated debates and candid sharing.

And in 5 or 10 years’ time, if you come back and tell us how this day changed your life, then together we have made it.

Professor Peter Mathieson
President and Vice-Chancellor


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