2018 DreamCatchers 100K Final Pitch

2018 DreamCatchers 100K Final Pitch

The Final Pitch of 2018 HKU DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship Seed Fund Programme was held on 15 April 2018. $100,000 x 4 and $50,000 x 4 and free iDendron membership have been given to the winning teams. Thanks to all the teams, donors, judges and audience for the GOOD SHOW!

█ $100,000 Grand Prize Awardees:

1. KIN
A healthcare company-to-be introducing their first product: A revolutionary pill dispenser that makes sure you never miss a medication.
– Person-in-charge: Oswin Yeung (BAAS, Year 4)

2. Gense
Gense is developing real-time sign language to voice translator wristbands and smartwatches for the deaf and mute community. Simply by putting on two wristbands, users could speak in sign languages as normal and communicate with anyone through a wearable speaker.
– Person-in-charge: Russell Chan (BEng 2011; PhD in Mechanical engineering 2016)

3. HitPower
Ubiquitous low-grade heat is usually wasted without use, a novel thermal-charging electrochemical cell that combines low-grade heat conversion and electricity storage is invented, which can be a game-changing technology toward the ongoing demand in sustainable energy.
– Person-in-charge: Vivian Huang (PhD in Mechanical engineering 2017)

4. Project ADEN
To development affordable, automated and diversified encapsulation machines.
– Person-in-charge: Cheng Ka Hong (BEng(EngSc) 2017)
█ $50,000 Junior Prize Awardees:

1. MediConCen
Together we will build the first blockchain insurance medical network in the world. Our blockchain will instill trust to even the smallest bonesetters, mobilizing medical experts all over the world to serve the insured population without middleman.
– Person-in-charge: William Yeung (BSc (Actuarial Science) 2006)

2. Eltherapy
Eltherapy – A sustainable, therapeutic and professional training platform with interdisciplinary effort as an innovative solution for the elderly needs in both physical and mental spectrums.
– Person-in-charge: Nokia Cheung (MGPP 2018)

3. OssFila
3D printing solutions to advanced tailor-made ortho implants. Building superior strength and integrity, with seamless biological integration.
– Person-in-charge: Karen Kwan (PhD in Biomaterials 2015)

4. AiTouch
AiTouch is a low cost and high accuracy wearable data glove tailored to provide a natural and instinctual tool for users to interact with virtual world using 3D gestures.
– Person-in-charge: Leo Wang (PhD in Mechanical Engineering, year 1)


█ Peoples’ Choice Awards (supported by CoCoon ) are given to –

1. MediConCen

2. KIN
Alison Chan Managing Director, New Frontier
Professor Andy Hor Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research), HKU
Dr SC Kim Director, Technology Transfer Office, HKU
Peter Yan Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Ltd
Andrew Young Associate Director (Innovation & Technology), Sino Group
Dr Claudia Xu Chief Commercial Officer, Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks CorporationCorporation



Useful links:

Eligibility & Guideline

Assessment Criteria


Brief introduction of the finalists: http://bit.ly/2018DC100KFinalists


Strategic Partners –
New Frontier
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HKU DreamCatchers 100K is supported by – 
Mr Warren Chan
Hong Kong X Technology Startup Platform (X Tech Advisors Limited)
Dr Zue Lo Shui-San
New Frontier
Sino Group
Dr Yu Wai-Cho


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