Three DreamCatchers teams (2)

Media Coverage

HKU Press release: HKU DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship seed fund winning teams Provide creative solutions in engineering, public health and baby care - 1 May 2017 Click here   Media coverage of HKU DreamCatchers 100K Seed Fund Programme 2017:   1. 研救心App團隊贏種子基金 2017-04-02 大公報   2. 造福人群 大學生研醫療科技獲獎 2017-05-02 香港經濟日報   3. 分析檢測軟件 助驗樓飛機路軌 2017-05-02 香港經濟日報   4. 無人機測漏水 贏港大創業獎...

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Final Pitch of DreamCatchers 100K 2017

2017港大DreamCatchers十萬元創業種子基金將於4月舉行Final Pitch決賽,20組隊伍將於創業擂台爭奪10個奬項。 心動不如行動,立即報名參加,現場選出心水隊伍,為來年申請作準備。 Dream it, run for it! The arena for DreamCatchers 100K Entrepreneurship Seed Fund 2017 is set. HKU DreamCatchers 100K is an entrepreneurship seed fund for HKU students and young alumni to kick start their businesses. 20 finalists have been selected out of 104 teams and...

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Mentors of DreamCatchers 100K 2017

Mentors will help the 20 finalists to maintain a focus on a specific goal, avoid potential pitfalls on their path to market, and provide constructive feedback to promote growth. Through regular interactions, the mentorship will bring depth and knowledge to finalists' established skill set. Timothy is...

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Assessment Criteria

Project Management Team and Strength (30%)  The project management team shall be judged by its track record, execution ability, relevant strengths, individual qualifications, and duty allocation.  Creativity, Innovation or Technical Feasibility (30%)  Factors such as the use of innovative technologies, creative solutions, disruptive technology capability, emerging or breakthrough...

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Apply Now

Please fill in form upload HERE and  with the supporting documents Application Deadline: 9 December 2016   Supporting Documents: - A business proposal (maximum two pages); - It is recommended that you prepare a 1-minute video clip/presentation file/slide show to illustrate the concept behind your project, if applicable; - CVs of all team members; - Relevant papers...

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Eligibility & Guidelines

1. Both individuals and teams may submit proposals. 2. Each proposal may include only one idea. Each team can submit one application. 3. Each individual is allowed to join ONE team as Person-in-Charge but can join more than one team as a member. The Person-in-Charge of the team MUST be...

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