Assessment Criteria

Assessment Criteria


Project Management Team and Strength (30%)

The project management team shall be judged by its track record, execution ability, relevant strengths, individual qualifications, and duty allocation.

Creativity, Innovation or Technical Feasibility (30%)

Factors such as the use of innovative technologies, creative solutions, disruptive technology capability, emerging or breakthrough problem-solving technologies, and the feasibility of the technology and solutions will be assessed.

Business Model, Time to Market and Viability (25%)

Judges shall look for effective communication and the qualities of vision, direction, short and long term objectives, revenue-generating potential, market need for the product, target market and marketing strategy, and a realistic assessment of the project viability and scalability. In addition, any product/service that has a launch date within six months of the final judging will be viewed positively.

Social or Community Impact (15%)

Preference will be given to projects that incorporate social responsibility objectives, demonstrate ethical decision making, or contribute towards solving problems that originate from the social environment.

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