Ursule Wong 黃宇詩

Ursule Wong 黃宇詩

ursule wong

Ursule Wong 黃宇詩
Founder of me Me & ME (lingerie and sleepwear brand)


1999年於加拿大卑詩大學畢業,主修亞州研究,副修戲劇。 返港後加入演藝行業,現在是自由身演藝者。

宇詩亦有參與舞台劇的演出,曾參演過的包括演戲家族的《遇上1941的女孩》(2000),《香江花月夜》(2005),《窺心事》(2007),《家庭保衛隊》(2008),《仙樂飄飄處處聞》(2009-2012),《中女解毒》(2011),《音樂劇大家樂》(2011-2012),《中女解毒II之戀戰中男海》(2012, 2013),《山水有相逢》(2013)。

2012 年時在網上開始自家內衣品牌,而今年五月在中環PMQ元創方開了第一家實體店。


Graduated from the University of British Columbia, Ursule UC majored in Asian Studies and minored in Theatre.

She is an active freelance emcee and continues to pursue her acting passion on stage as well.

Besides performing regularly on television and on stage, she also writes at her leisure time.

In 2012, UC successfully started her own lingerie brand online and her first retail store this year in May at PMQ Central.

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