Otto Ng 吳鎮麟

Otto Ng 吳鎮麟

Otto Ng

Otto Ng 吳鎮麟
Co-Founder of LAAB (laboratory for Art and Architecture)


LAAB由三位港大舊生吳鎮麟、黃卓健及葉晉亨創辦,是個多元團隊 – 雲集了建築師、藝術家、工程師和工匠,以革新、環保和公眾參與為設計方針,實驗並實現與眾不同的設計。開業兩年間,LAAB獲得「滙豐青年創業大獎」。



Otto Ng is an architect, artist, and Design Director of LAAB.   LAAB is cofounded by Otto with Ricci Wong and Yip Chun Hang, who are all alumni of HKU.  Consists of a transdisciplinary team of architects, artists, engineers, and craftsmen, LAAB works on a wide range of innovations, including embedding interactivity in public art, envisioning future library and hospital, and transforming small homes into smart homes.  In less than two years, LAAB has built a diverse clientele with international lifestyle brands, tech companies, developers, universities, NGOs and various government bodies. In 2015, LAAB won the “HSBC Youth Business Award” among a hundred of start-ups in Hong Kong.

Otto graduated from HKU with First Class Honors and Alumni Prize Medal.   He went on to MIT where he received Full Tuition Scholarship and Alpha Rho Chi Medal.  At MIT, his research focused on the integration of technology with strategic designs – for instance, solar infrastructures that blanket the desert and intelligent walls that respond to social networks, as well as revolutionary smart-city projects including the Copenhagen Wheel and Audi Aida.   Otto has lectured at HKU as Assistant Professor.  He has also been invited to present at conferences including AIA Entrepreneurship Summit, Berlin Global Innovation Leaders’ Summit and TEDx Kowloon.

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